Interim findings are discussed and shared through workshops, symposia, conferences and round tables.

Workshops (selection):

A workshop held in October 2010 at GUtech on „field work methods“ in cooperation with TU Berlin and Sultan Qaboos University took the format of a research charrette. Empirical data has been mapped and processed during the 10 days workshop.

A workshop held in July 2011 at GUtech on „participatory planning methods“ introduced undergraduate students from GUtech to decision making and public participation processes in Case Study Area A — Al Khoudh. Students worked with school kids to find out about their perception and vision on future living environments.

A workshop held in April 2012 at GUtech on „GIS application for urban analysis“ introduced GUtech students to geo-information systems. Based on satellite imagery, students produced maps analysing the road network, as well as the chronologic development, typological distribution of houses in Case Study Area A — Al Khoudh.

A workshop held in June 2012 at GUtech on „review of physical planning standards“ compared building guidelines and recommendations in neighboring GCC countries focussing on criteria for the development of sustainable neighborhoods in Oman. Guidelines from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain have been critically reviewed and compared to Omani standards, including guidelines issued by Muscat Municipality, The Supreme Committee of Town Plannung, the Ministry of Housing, as well as guidelines for the development of Integrated Tourism Projects.


A conference held in June 2011 at GUtech on „Driving Forces for Urbanisation Patterns in Oman“ brought together national and international scientists and professionals to discuss about processes and mechanisms that guide urban development of the 21st century in Oman. The conference was accompanied by an exhibition on Oasis Settlements in Oman.

View the conference programme as a PDF here.

March 2013 international symposium with ETH Studio Basel on the topic of „Specificity and Territoriality Muscat/Oman“, held at GUtech. The symposium program is available here: ETH GUtech 2013 Program

The symposium was part of a collaboration between ETH Zurich and GUtech. The results of the student work can be found here: Muscat and Oman – student work.

March 2014 International Conference on Challenges of Urbanisation in Arab Gulf Countries. The conference program is available here: CUAGC 2014 Program

Round tables:

Roundtables have been introduced to strengthen the exchange between academia, Omani governmental institutions and local professionals. Key topics of the research content are critically discussed during the roundtables.

In April 2012 a roundtable took place on „Paradigm Shifts in Urban Governance“ with participants from the Ministry of Housing, Muscat Municipality, the Supreme Committee of Town Planning, Sultan Qaboos University and GUtech.