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The book (2016) Urban Oman – Trends and Perspectives of Urbanisation in Muscat Capital Area edited by Dr. Sonja Nebel and Aurel von Richthofen in the series HABITAT – INTERNATIONAL: Schriften zur internationalen Stadtentwicklung Vol. 21 can be purchased at LIT Verlag Berlin.

TRIALOG 114: Oman – Rapid Urbanisation
From the editorial: „Over the past four decades, a continuous process of urbanisation has been fostered by socio-economic transformation, dynamic population growth, and an increase of the foreign workforce. The authors of this issue are all scholars who have worked in and on Oman as university teachers and researchers. They touch upon the speci c social, economic, and environmental topics of urbanisation in the country, as well as upon planning and urban design related aspects, focusing for the most part on the Muscat capital area. Typical cases studies from smaller, southern and northern towns of the country complement the current urban development trends portrayed in this TRIALOG issue.“

The issue can be purchased here TRIALOG – A Journal for planning and building in a global context

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